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Recently in public magazines there have been often publicated articles about a problem of snoring and its treatment.

Until recently snoring was thought to be mainly sonic prodigy with social and mental effect in society and within the family unit. Well-known and for some people very delicate (painful) situation which is being repeated everywhere, e.g. at home or even on commercial travels. On the one hand the surroundings is being interrupted, on the other hand also the snoring person suffers from it. The most simple and immediate method of solution is to wake up, shake, whistle, click tongue. But if there is the need to repeat these actions during all the night, can we sleep in these conditions? This problem incited inventors to try to find the solution of it. Nowadays we have got over 1000 inventions as a result of these efforts, but only few of them were helpful and tolerable at the same time.

In last 25-30 years there was found out that snoring could also be a signal of serious health problems.

Considering the fact that 24% men and 8% women in the age of 35-65 snore, we cannot be surprised that there is a huge effort of experts to find concrete and certain method of solution. It was found out that snoring is a part of sleep disorder. Many professional associations dealing with this problem were created in last 25 years.

According to one of them - American Sleep Disorder Association - we can divide sleep disorders into three degrees:

I. Snoring as a sonic prodigy with excessive aspirative effort. Socalled -simple- snoring is only a social problem, but it can also cause certain procentage of divorces. It is clasified as equable and explosive . Insufficient sleep caused by explosive snoring leads to the second degree.

II. Day sleepiness with tendency to microsleeping. It is noted for a day tiredness, nervousness and irritation.

III. Sleeping with sleep apnoe, it means that the pacient stops to breath and this pause is longer than 5 or 6 seconds. The length and frequency of pauses signal seriousness of health state (condotion). This pause is a pre-degree of blood pressure disorder and ischemic heart desease. This disorder could also partly cause impotence, headache...

BeforeIf we think about snoring as the first level of descirbed disorders, it is logical that experts are trying to find causes of it and in this way to interrupt the possiblity of passing this problem into disorders with more serious health problems.

It was found out that the main cause is obstruction of upper respiratory tract, neither as a single problem, nor combined with excess weight.

Extent and professional ENT examination is the first step to determine diagnosis.

AfterIf the problem is caused by nasal obtruction, classical operatoins are made. But if snoring is caused by problems with soft palate, there are two possibilities to solve it: Classical operation, Laser correction.

Advantages of laser correction of soft palate are:

If the patient is correctly indicated, the procentage of succes of laser correction goes up to 93%. The only thing you have to do is to choose right doctor.

We have been performing this laser correction of soft palate since January 1997, so we can surely say: We are first in the Czech Republic! Since January 1997 until today we have more than 1000 satisfied clients.

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